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Welcome to the new version of the Class Schedule search tool. It was designed with modern search layout like Amazon or Newegg. There is a main search bar at top and filters and departments listed to the side. Below is a quick tutorial on the functionality. If you are already familiar with the layout, skip to the second section on how to search.

For a list of changes: What's New Nov 3, 2020

Layout Map

  1. Selected Quarter – changing this will reload the class list for the selected quarter.
  2. Courses and Distributions – both can be expanded to show full lists of each, Courses will be grouped by Departments such as ‘Mathematics’, by expanding any you can see all the current Courses for each. Clicking on any of the sub-categories will start a new search and display all the classes in the search results.
  3. Filters – Filters let you trim all the classes you don’t want to see, like unchecking Grandview and Yakima and leaving Online, will only show you online classes, and partial online classes. Show Open classes only will filter out any classes that have zero open seats.
  4. Ranges – Helps you narrow down results list by selecting Credits and Start Time ranges for classes.
  5. Action Buttons In order: Settings, Help (this page), and Leave Comments. By clicking on the Settings button you can change:
    1. Remember Me – This will help remember your selected classes that you bookmark between sessions, if left unchecked, once the browser is closed any bookmarked classes will be cleared.
    2. Use Experimental Search Bar - This will display [No# 6] the Search bar at the top of the screen. this setting will be remembered until the browser cash is cleared.
  6. Search Bar this allows for searching different YVC sections [No# 7] specifically and typing in key words [No# 8]
  7. Where to search – helps you narrow down where you are trying to search, All YVC will give you any matches from wherever it can, department title, course title and instructor will search for partial matches under those specific groups.
  8. Search Text & Button – once typed what you want to search, click the search button or hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard to list the results. See the section below on "Key Word Search" for best results
  9. Saved Bookmarks – clicking on here will bring you to your saved list of bookmarked classes, from here out can remove, and review your personal list. If the remember me in options is not checked, then your list will be cleared out at when the page is closed.
  10. Results View – Most searches will give you the count of how many items matched the last search. It can be dismissed with the little ‘x’ to the right-hand side. Below are all the classes found.
  11. Bookmark and Description – the Bookmark button to the right of each result item will save your selection for later review. The bottom icon when clicked will open/close the description section for that course.
  12. Expand/Close Sections clicking on the small chevron will open or close the region next to the Chevron. By default the Filters chevron is open, but closing this this tool will remember your preferences in the future, until the browser cash is cleared out.

How To Search
There are three different ways to find what you are looking for: Browsing Courses, Browsing Distributions and by key word search.

Browse Courses - This is the most direct root to finding known courses. If you know you need a "Math 95" use the tree expansion to navigte to "Mathematics", then expand that node to get all the courses being offered for the quarter. By Clicking on any Course like "095 - Inter Algebra" the search results will update to show all the classes being offered for course on the selected quarter.

Browse Distribution - If you know you need something for "Humanities" or other catigory needed to apply to your degree then this is where you will find it. Simply expand the tree for Distributions and click on the needed subject and the search results will update to show all the classes being offered for the selected quarter.

Key Word Search - This has two parts: First there is where we will be searching; all of YVC or a specific area such as an instructor name. The second part is the words typed in, as the database uses text matching to find things; here is a quick rules for best results: